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Azeotrope database for organic solvent mixtures

Azeotrope database for organic solvent mixtures

List constant-boiling mixtures

On this page you can check that a mixture of selected organic solvents is zeotropic or azeotropic at atmospheric pressure. Select your compounds and the program shows all possible binary and ternary combinations on the list. Azeotropic information inculdes: boiling point/temperature and composition.

Find more information about azeotropes at Wikipedia

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Predicted azeotropes -- at atmospheric pressure
COMPONENTS Pure compound
boiling point
Reference sources
--- K K mol/mol ---


Numeric informations presented in the table are predicted data, and may not be exatly equal to the literature data. Reference sources appearing in the table are indicating that the VLE model calculations were verified with experimental data found in the referred source.

Azeotropic points can be very pressure-dependent, i.e. the constant boiling composition may change singificantly at reduced or high pressure. Use the VLE-Calculator to get know the behavior of your azeotropic mixture.

Reference sources:

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