VLE-Calc - Calculator of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid phase equilibria hungarian

Vapor-Liquid equilibrium on-line DATABASE and distillation calculator

Vapor-Liquid equilibrium on-line DATABASE and distillation calculator

What is VLE - Calc

VLE - Calc is a free on-line service (a kind of free software) designed to assist chemical engineering work related to organic solvents and distillation, extraction. It consist of an on-line database and an easy-to-use " VLE calculator" which enables fast calculations related to vapor-liquid phase equilibrium of water and organic solvents such as alcohols, esters, acetone, THF, halogenated hydrocarbons, e.t.c. The main features are:
  • search for physical properties and phase change data of pure compounds
  • search for azeotrope data
  • VLE phase diagram drawing: plot vapor pressure versus temperature (p-T) curve, bubble Bab/dew Bab curves of a mixture (x,y-T or x,y-p), triangle diagrams
  • LLE phase diagram drawing: plot equilibral miscibility phase curve of immiscible liquids, calculate solubility data in the function of temperature (x-T and triangle diagrams)
  • calculate batch or continuous (flash) distillation process (predict the composition of the distillate and the residue)
  • calculate simple, single stage extraction process (predict the composition of settling, immiscible liquids)
  • custom selectable binary/ternary mixtures, in ANY combination
  • custom selectable pressure/temperature at the calculations
  • built-in unit converter

Tested on:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

News in VLE - Calc version 4.01:

  • Bugfixes.
  • A few new compounds.

Expected updates

Lots of great upgrades are planned in the near future, which were useful for problem solving in the chemistry and chemical engineering. So it is worth to return here and take a look what's new at VLE - Calc .com.
  • exportable result tables and diagrams
  • calculation/conversion of temperature-dependent physico-chemical data to custom given temperature
  • prediction of binary and ternary azeotrope data at variable pressure
  • plot more types of triangle diagrams (distillation lines, residue curve map)
  • calculation of fractional distillation (rectification, fractionation)
  • calculation of multi-stage liquid extracion
  • calculation of gas solubility
  • more compound types in the database

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