VLE-Calc - Calculator of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid phase equilibria hungarian

Liquid-liquid equilibrium database, calculations and phase diagram drawing

Liquid-liquid equilibrium (LLE) database, calculations and phase diagram drawing

Types of LLE diagrams

This program calculates the equilibral miscibility data at a given temperature for organic substances or their binary/ternary mixtures.

If 2 pure compound is selected the temperature is on the vertical axis and the composition is on the horizontal axis (x-T curve is plotted).

If 3 components are selected the program calculates and draws the miscibility gap in a triangle diagram by a series of konode lines at a given (constant) temperature.

Note: the calculation/prediction can take a few minutes.

Tip: use the built-in unit converter by clicking on the blue unit labels in the form and the result table!

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Composition-temperature diagram (x-T)

Liquid-liquid equilibrium (solubility, miscibility) phase diagram  

Calculated liquid-liquid equilibrium data

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