VLE-Calc - Calculator of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid phase equilibria hungarian

Model calculation of batch and continuous equilibral distillation

Calculation of batch and continuous equilibral distillations
With VLE-Calc you can make model calculations on simple (single stage) batch or continuous (flash) equilibral distillation processes: the program predicts the compositions of the distillate and the residue as well as the actual boiling temperature in the boiler.

Fill out the form below and click on the "CALCULATE" button. Custom solvent composition can be selected.

Note: predictions can take a few minutes.

Tip: use the built-in unit converter by clicking on the blue unit labels in the form and in the result tables!

  Parameters of distillation  
   Composition of starting mixture:

   Component 1:   
   Component 2:   

Pressure: bar
Amount of
starting material:
Resolution: points.
(About 0.5 kg/point)

Calculated composition of head product (distillate)

Calculated composition of bottom product (residue)

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