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Physical/physico-chemical properties database for pure organic compounds

physical properties database for organic solvents

On this page you can search for physical properties (physico-chemical and phase-transition data) of a single compound. Select the organic solvent from the drop-down list, and click on the "SHOW IT" button!

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Pysico-chemical properties
molecular weight g/mol
liquid density g/cm3
molar volume cm3/mol ---
melting point K
boiling point K
critical temperature K
critical pressure bar
critical volume cm3/mol
liquid specific heat kJ/kg*K
heat of vaporization kJ/mol
Antoine equation ---
log P = A -   B
T + C
Antoine constant 'A' ---
Antoine constant 'B' ---
Antoine constant 'C' ---

Note: Numeric informations presented in the table are processed or derived data, which may not be exatly equal to the original data found in the reference sources.

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